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4 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Smartphones

The craze of smartphones is really high these days – more so among the teenagers. There is no doubt that in this age of internet and e-commerce, smartphones have become a must-have device. Every smartphone company keeps launching its new models and customers get lured by the intense publicity that these companies do. Often people repent after buying smartphone hastily and the main reason behind this remorse is that they find they have bought it expensive when actually if they acted smartly they could have saved some bucks.

Here are five ways to save on your new smartphone purchase:

  1. Wait for Few Months: Don’t be in a hurry to buy as soon as the model is launched. Wait for sales and price cuts to kick in, which only take a few months. Also, try to predict the best possible time to buy as online shopping stores use pricing methods like black box algorithm, which fluctuate the price up to 15%. This fluctuation happens many times a week or month.
  2. Compare Prices on Different Online Shopping Sites: With technology at your fingertips, you should make full use of it. There are different websites that give you the facility to compare the different products on different sites. Install any price comparing app on your old smartphone and find the deal which is the best in the market. You can also look out for discount codes while shopping online. For instance, if you shopping on sites like Snapdeal, search for Snapdeal promo code for smartphone shopping.
  3. Be On the Lookout for Discount or Coupons: Different online shopping websites run different discount on products. Keep a tab on these discounts or cash-back offers. There are sites, which keep information regarding all coupons available on a particular product at a particular time. Take help of these sites for finding coupon codes and discounts for the smartphone you desire to buy.
  4. Buy an Unlocked Phone: Buying an unlocked smartphone outright is cheapest. Unlocked means you can pop out the SIM card and put in a different SIM from another GSM operator and get service. This gives you the freedom to shift providers when another company offers a better deal making the running of phone cheaper for you.

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